Happy New Year 2016! Here are some movies that I am excited about coming soon in 2016.

Here are some of my thoughts on some movies coming in 2016.


Happy New Year folks. It is another year and a new way to start over.

Here are three movies that I am excited about in 2016:

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Here is some info on it. Basically this is back story that will give more info on the others who are fighting the Empire. This group of Rebels plan a mission to steal plans for the Death Star. I am excited to see a live action back story. The animated series of the Clone Wars and such are great but we get to finally see a non-animated movie with more back story of the Star Wars universe. This movie is definitely considered Star Wars canon.
  2. Ghostbusters: Here is some info on this as well. I am a fan of the Ghostbusters. It is very much a part of my childhood. What is great is that there is a female lead cast with a really great combination of comedienne’s!  I am an absolute fan of each actress! Each brings their own take on the parallel character they are playing based upon the original. I am even excited to see Kate McKinnon’s character!
  3. Finally and without further ado – Independence Day 2: Resurgence. I have been waiting for a sequel – for YEARS!!! Bill Pullman’s Presidential Speech in the original is very moving and really makes you feel American but you really feel the emotion, the strength, and the motivation to ban together as a human race to defeat those aliens. We see in the trailer for the sequel that apparently the aliens come back. Much will need to be explained as to what happened all these years to allow them to resurface. If we look back on the original – a man-made computer virus destroyed them. Is it that simple? Was it that simple? We shall see in 2016.

I am excited for the continuing Marvel series of movies we will see in 2016 such as X-Men and Captain America. I am also curious to see Deadpool.

What I forgot to mention is Dr. Strange. I am a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. I admit that I am a Cumberb*&%# for all you fan girls or fan boys. I am especially eager to see how he portays Dr. Strange. This Doctor Strange (2007) animated show was absolutely brilliant. There was so much depth and complexity within the character that it left me in awe.

So, again. Happy New Year.

Please leave some comments below as to what movies you are excited about in 2016? (It can pertain to any genre).

My Star Wars Holiday Special Review….. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Happy Festivus.

Before I get into it, I actually do not have the words to describe what I just watched. I mean that. For emphasis.

I would like to begin by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Festivus!

In light of the holidays, I have watched “The Star Wars Holiday Special”

Disclaimer: Please note that I do not have any background at all on this TV special. I did not know it even existed. Someone had mentioned it on social media recently in light of “The Force Awakens” and the holidays. This is my review raw, cut, and uncensored.

The story takes place after “A New Hope”. Han Solo and Chewbacca are being chased and hunted by the Empire.  Chewbacca needs to get home on time to Kashyyyk to see his family (his wife – Mala, his father – Itchy, and his son – Lumpy) for Life Day…




Did I just hear those names correctly? Itchy? Lumpy?

The TV special brings back all the major characters – along with the actors such as: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher. Also starring are celebrities that were famous at the time this special came out in the 1970s.


The show begins with what life is like for Chewbacca’s family on Kashyyyk. The décor, especially the kitchen, is very 1970-ish Earth and not what you would expect the interior of a home on Kashyyyk would be. Forgive me, but for some reason I thought it would be similar to something like on Endor. But then again that’s just me.

Anyhow, we see what their everyday life is like. For example, Lumpy turns on a hologram which I perceive to be a form of entertainment. It is kind of “trippy” if you ask me… These miniature circus characters come out  and dance or entertain  the viewer… There is an option to make them life-sized…. which made the scene even more “trippy”. Also, let’s not forget the Julia Child cooking show that Mala watches…. The icing on the cake was some sort of virtual reality device that Itchy uses which appears to be their version of porn? Is that too harsh to state? Is this a true interpretation?

Eventually, the Empire sends its officers to Kashyyyk and enter Chewie’s home looking for him. One of the officers watches a music box of some sort with the band Jefferson Airplane actually performing for him.

This actually confused me.

It’s like merging worlds or something. Our world is crossing over into their “world”…. Just by the band performing in miniature size just adds onto the trippy-ness of the show.

In between, the show cuts to a cartoon to possibly speed up the TV special without using real actors.

Afterwards, the Mos Eisley Cantina makes an appearance as well as the Cantina Band! The cantina patrons become inebriated and Bea Arthur hugs a large rat while singing. Everyone in the cantina dances and sings while Bea Arthur dances and sings.

Turning back to Kashyyyk, Chewie and Han finally arrive and save Chewie’s son from a stormtrooper.

Poor Lumpy. The stormtrooper cornered him and wanted to kill him.

After they save the day, we see Han hug Lumpy. Han then said his goodbyes and hugged everyone. He professed his love that they are like family to him (Awww). Chewie has a heartwarming moment with his wife with Wookie talk and with staring into each other’s eyes. We see two Wookie’s almost kiss.  In the next scene, the whole family hold up lights or candles. They are all wearing robes along with other Wookie’s and they float somewhere in space.

Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and C-3PO  join the Wookie’s to celebrate Light Day. Princess Leia sings to everyone a grand song.

They lived happily ever after.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review (SPOILERS!!!!)

UNBELIEVABLE!! That is all I can say! 

It was action packed from beginning to the end! I was wowed by it all!

The things that surprised me: Han Solo being murdered by his own son who I was also surprised about and the fact that Rey fought Kylo at the end… (Especially surprised with how strong she is in the Force). I have my suspicions about Rey – either she is Luke’s child or she is birthed by the midiclorians the same way as Anakin.
I thought Kylo was delusional, confused, and losing his mind. Remember that Darth Vader ceased to exist when he saved Luke from the Emperor…. He basically redeemed himself… So by Kylo talking to the burned helmet of Darth Vader asking for “guidance” and to finish what he started seems delusional. Unless he wasn’t told the whole story?
There are holes to the characters’ past which more than likely will be addressed in the next movie. Who are Rey’s parents? Why was she left on the planet? Who are Finn’s parents? Where is he from? What about Poe’s backstory? What the heck happened to make Kylo turn to the dark side? Who is the supreme leader?
So many questions…
What did you think?

Snarcasm: The ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Were The Best Movies All Along

Snarcasm is a weekly series where I encounter and try to understand the worst articles on the Internet. This week, I take on my fellow millennials who’ll say anything for a click.  OK, we already talked about Star Wars a few weeks ago, but that was more about Piers Morgan and how irrelevant his film commentary is. That […]


In reply to blog post above:

I think George Lucas made the prequels towards kids – especially Episode I – because he wanted to capture the current generation of kids at the time. A good number have never been exposed to Star Wars due to the long hiatus since Return of the Jedi. Star Trek was mostly what a lot of people were familiar with because of all the revamp in tv and movies. I believe The Force Awakens is going to attempt to bring the two generations, two sides, or those with a preference with the original or with the post original.

We shall see… I hope JJ Abrams did good.

Getting ready for Star Wars…

I am a bonafide Star Wars fan. I have been since I was about 10 years old. Before Episodes I, II, and III, I was a fan when people forgot Star Wars – like the early 90’s. Return of the Jedi (ROTJ) is the movie that reeled me in. When I first saw Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford light up my pre-digital TV, I was taken in hook, line, and sinker. I enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn’t just the special effects, it was the STORY. The fight for good and evil, twins, a galactic empire, little bears, swords that lit up, the samurai theme, and the fact that a simple farm boy took down an empire and redeemed his father. It was just storytelling at its finest.
Yes, I eventually did watch The Empire Strikes Back and then Star Wars. In that order. Backwards. Hey, think about it. It was the 90’s and there was no Amazon so I had to get what I could get from the store.
Anyway, when Episodes I, II, and III came out, it was just ok to me. However, I did enjoy Revenge of the Sith. I really wanted to know how Darth Vader became Darth Vader. Basically I realized after Episode III that the entire six part movie was basically about the rise, the fall, and redemption of Darth Vader.
Since Star Wars has been part of my childhood, I do have some emotional ties to it. Therefore, I have tried to avoid watching any subsequent trailers after the very second US Teaser Trailer that came out.
I already have tickets to see it this weekend in IMAX. I saw J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek in IMAX and was blown away with the story and the camaraderie of the crew. I hope for the same feeling this Saturday…