Dr. Who Favorite Episodes – Part 1

My favorite episodes from Seasons 1 & 2


I have recently started watching Dr. Who. I have some memory of watching re-runs on PBS of the Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker – when I was younger. I found it fascinating as an 8 year old. The Fourth Doctor’s episodes are what I vaguely recall the most.  Through an 8 year olds lens the show was so odd and strange but it pulled me in.

So far I am still on Season 3 of the revamped version of Dr. Who. (I know that I have a while to go).

These are my favorite episodes so far:

Season 1:

End of the World (S1E2): I found that this episode was a really good detailed episode which showcased the Doctor and his blossoming relationship with Rose. I was sorry to see that Christopher Eccleston left after season one but it was good to see him in this role.

The entire episode was actioned packed with the Doctor saving Rose from being burned to a crisp by the sun. The fact that it was also 5 billion years into the future made me feel as if I was Rose just astounded and awed that we were about to witness the end of Earth. In addition, with all the commotion on the space ship, no one actually witnessed the final destruction.

The reason why I also loved this episode was because it showcased the different species of aliens across time and space. I was fascinated with the last human, Lady Cassandra O’Brien , and the Face of Boe. We get to see how humans have evolved and it makes Rose face her own humanity and mortality. With the introduction of the Face of Boe, we see how ancient and wise he is.

This episode was a very good true introduction into the world of Dr. Who and what we, as viewers, will  expect.

Aliens of London (S1E4) and World War Three (S1E5): These two episodes are grouped together because they are a two part episode. I loved these two parts. I just honestly thought it was wacky in a good way. The Doctor returns Rose about a year after they left but by accident. Things have changed and her mother and Mickey have been desperately trying to find her thinking she has been murdered or kidnapped.

Rose returns and witnesses a Slitheen invasion upon London. Just watching the ship crash through London’s major sites was just wacky to me. To top it off, the Slitheen’s masquerading as the Prime Minister as well as the flatulence! Their true form reminds me of an overgrown version of E.T. with a cherubic face.

Overall I couldn’t take my eyes off the episodes. There was not a dull moment.

Season 2:

Doomsday (S2E13):  This is the last episode of Season 2 and part of a two part episode beginning with “Army of Ghosts”.  We see the Cybermen declare war on the Daleks after some were killed after a reveal of the destructive Dalek technology. We see worlds and universes collide. The portals need to be closed forever because every time those from alternate universes “jump”, they rip a hole causing the merging of worlds which results in chaos. It was concluded that in order to stop the Dalek invasion, they would have to be sent to the void. Instead of Rose going with her mother to the alternate universe, she chooses to stay with the Doctor. As Rose and the Doctor were trying to pull the levers to suck the Daleks into the void, Rose’s lever snaps and she tries to pull it back but is sucked towards the void. Her father uses the device one more time to grab Rose before she gets sucked into the void.

By far this was a bittersweet episode for me. This is basically the last time Rose will see the Doctor. She hears his voice and eventually travels with her family to Norway to see him one last time.

This is just part 1 of my favorite episodes from each season. Like I said, I am still on season 3. I have quite a few episodes in season 3 that I like so far!